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A beautiful house is all we want and to make it beautiful we have to plan certain things and especially the interiors and its decorative style. An individual not only wants his bedroom and dining room to be well decorated but also the kitchen, bathroom, home office and other auxiliary spaces like the entranceway and the hallways. To have a home of our dreams, we have to get certain things right. The decorative style consists of several factors that need to be looked into, i.e. the colors of the walls, the furniture and the texture on the walls, the painting around, crockery, and several other things. Basically one can learn about such designs by taking the help of interior decorators, searching online, or taking a friend’s help. In this article we are to discuss the 10 most popular style of house décor namely:

  • TRADITIONAL HOME DECORATING-This style is often linked up with older generations and is updated in accordance with new young families. It consists of rich wall color, plush fabrics, dark woods, tampered legs and curved lines.
  • COUNTRY DECORATIVE STYLE-The country style is more based to have distressed wood, antiques, softer colors and raw wood exposed beams.
  • COOL CONTEMPORARY DECORATING-This style is no longer strictly cold and austere but still embraces clean lines which are very warm and welcoming.
  • ECLECTIC DECORATING-This particular styles helps to accommodate number of objects and furniture which we just can’t part with.
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS DECORATING-This style uses the natural colors and patterns of wood and stone. Simple and clean lines give rooms a sleek but a warm look.
  • RUSTIC STYLE-This form of décor is wooden based having raw materials and stones, wood with wormholes and rasped edges.
  • SHABY CHIC STYLE- This uses colorful and vintage items, white walls and distressed furniture in decoration.
  • MODERN STYLE-This uses the black leather, glass, simplified shapes, and the latest trend in decoration.
  • SPACIOUS DÉCOR-This style decorates the houses having an open floor plan making decorations in regards to dining, and kitchen more eye-catching.

TUSCAN STYLE-It uses those stucco walls, terra cotta tiles and exposed wooden beams in decoration




Summary: The French style of décor is one such oldest but elegant style of decorating. Here we are going to discuss about the various elements that are required for decorating the home as per the French style of décor. This style uses classical antique furnishings and floral fabrics in decorating the houses.

The French country style or simply the French style of décor is one of the oldest styles of decoration which has got several distinct architectural characteristics like wall made of stones, better floors, raw wood, light colored ceiling beams. The French style is one such classic and elegant styles of décor in whole of Europe. It uses various tempting colors like shining gold, rich blues and motifs in its decorative style. This style mixes the antiques and flea market and new items to create its own magic of French beauty. As we know that any form of décor is based on certain elements that are required to keep that particular décor style genuine. Some of those elements can be named in this article.

At first simple country style furniture shall be used having curvy panels, hand done decorations and natural wood into the picture. Then a dining table being large in size either rectangular or round in shape and having a dull waxed finish must be there. The chairs to be used shall either be of ladder back style or vertical spaced chairs with proper seating. Secondly it’s about the flooring which should be rustic made up of stone, brick or clay. Sometimes even wooden boards are used for flooring. Thirdly it’s all about the wall color and texture. A typical French décor uses contrasting colors and textures. The colorful printed fabrics are set off against light-shaded natural seating. Next is the type of windows and doorways being used? Deeply cut and narrow windows are used in this particular type of style. A design called toile is used as fabrics. These toile themes include various types of farm animals, monkeys and patterns of china, and courting scenes of the 18th century and are usually printed on cotton or linen. The French country style of décor always includes fresh natural flowers kept in transparent glass vases or copper pots.

We have already discussed about the major things that the French décor style includes and hence we can conclude that this traditional European style of décor has got many things to attract a lot of people.